BRM Pro 600

80 Watt Laser

Product details

The BRM Pro 600 is small in size but offers great performance. This compact sized machine finds a place anywhere. The Pro 600 combines versatility and performance to allow production on a vast number of materials. It is proving to be a big success, especially in small businesses and education.

The maximum recommended cutting speed is 60 mm/sec depending on the chosen material and the combination of speed and power.

The BRM Pro laser machines have a unique mechanical build, including fully renewed dust free guiding rails, ensuring unprecedented stability. This stability has enabled the integration of more powerful motors increasing the working speed of the machines.

Machine Options

The BRM Pro laser cutters are available with a variety of options to tailor each machine to your exact requirements.

Rotation Unit

Roller rotation with claw.


BRM Extractor M
Replacement filters:
Pre filter
Combined filter

Lens Shaft Set

Choice of:
38.1 mm
63.5 mm

Acrylic Cutting Grid

These grids (400 x 600 mm) ensure reflection-free cutting.