BRM Pro 1300

90-100 Watt Laser
130-150 Watt Laser

Product details

The BRM Pro 1300 is versatile because you can easily process small and large material. This format is perfect for medium to large workspaces.

The Maximum speed is 1500 mm/s X-axis, 800 mm/s Y-axis.
The maximum recommended cutting speed is 60 mm/sec depending on the chosen material and the combination of speed and power.

Every Pro is delivered with our BRM quality checklist and includes all the components needed to get started and use the machine as optimally as possible: a water chiller, air pump, autofocus, red pointer, software-controlled air valve, timed exhaust shutdown, non-filtering fume extractor, honeycomb and slat table, LightBurn software, maintenance set, manual and two lenses.

Machine Options

The BRM Pro laser cutters are available with a variety of options to tailor each machine to your exact requirements.

Rotation Unit

Roller rotation with claw.


BRM Extractor L
Replacement filters:
Pre filter
Combined filter

Lens Shaft Set

Choice of:
38.1 mm
63.5 mm

Acrylic Cutting Grid

Acrylic cutting grids (400 x 600 mm) ensure reflection-free cutting.