Laser Engraving Soft Shell Jackets

We are loving this subtle yet effective laser engraving effect which was produced on Russell soft shell jackets. The black jackets were laser engraved by the GS bespoke laser engraving & cutting team using their high speed galvo Graphixscan laser. The Graphixscan is excellent for high speed engraving, producing tonal images on plastic, wood and textiles, denim and fleece work particularly well. The laser engraving process means the laser lightly burns a layer of the media, the laser technician can control the depth of the engraving by adjusting a combination of the power output and speed. It is possible to engrave over seams, zips and pockets easily and consistently.

From cutting large sheets of media through to rolls of fabric our bespoke service can help you complete your project no matter how large or small. Our range of laser cutting machines combined with our experienced technical staff ensures we can consistently deliver high quality precision work.

If you have any laser engraving/cutting requirements contact the GS laser team on: