Poly 60 Weight Thread – for fine detail & definition

One of the major considerations when creating an embroidery design or sewing project is the type of thread to use. The weight/size of the thread chosen will ultimately determine the overall stitch count of a design and obviously determine the settings used when digitising a design. Choosing the optimum thread for a particular embroidery design or project requires a knowledge of the various threads available and an understanding of the individual properties they offer.

One such thread to investigate further would be the Gunold Poly 60 thread. As the name suggests this is a Polyester thread made from 100% Polyester thread. It is a 60’s weight of thread which means it is a finer, thinner thread that the standard 40’s weight thread. The benefits of being a Polyester thread is that it is hard wearing, durable, incredibly tear-resistant, colourfast to chlorine and it can withstand wash temperatures up to 95°C.

As a 60’s weight thread it is also ideal for embroidering small text, monogramming and intricate designs, particularly when combined with a finer size 60/8 needle. The combination of a 60’s thread and size 60/8 needle can noticeably improve the clarity and definition of the final embroidery.

GS UK offers a range of Gunold Poly 60 thread and Organ 60/8 needles at their online shop www.gs-ukdirect.com or call Sales:0115 8448000.