New Filmoplast Roll Size

The ever popular Filmoplast range continues to increase with the addition of a new roll size. The latest 25m x 25cm roll compliments the current selection available and provides options for both large and smaller embroidery businesses.

Filmoplast is a versatile backing and an ideal choice when embroidering any items that are difficult to hoop. The Filmoplast is stuck on the underside of the frame, the adhesive backing is ‘scored’ to the area where the embroidery is to occur. The top squared printed layer of the Filmoplast is removed, exposing the ‘open’ embroidering area of the frame. The item to be embroidered can be pressed firmly down onto the sticky Filmoplast backing and is securely held in place. Once the stitching is complete the embroidered item can be pulled away. If more items are required, then the Filmolast can be ‘patched’ over with another piece and the embroidery process repeated.

Filmoplast can be used in this way for embroidering any items that may be difficult to frame this may be due to a products size, thickness or location. Ideal for embroidering shirt cuffs, collars, blankets, handkerchiefs, napkins, ties etc. the list is endless. When used in conjunction with Fast Frames it also perfect for embroidering onto soft toys.

Filmoplast can also be used for stabilising stretchy fabrics e.g. T-shirts, materials containing elastane and for more delicate fabrics where frame marks are unwanted.

Various sizes of Filmoplast rolls can be purchased via our Supplies & Consumables webshop or call Sales: 0115 8448000.