Laser Engraving with the GraphixScan High Speed Galvo Laser Cutter

The GraphixScan Laser engraving machine is a laser cutting and engraving innovation. Images, text, logos and textures can be engraved into a variety of materials including leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, card, balsa, glass, paper, man-made and natural fabrics at lightning speeds of up to 3,300 mm/s.

Laser cutting is also possible on many materials including, leather, denim, polyester making the GraphixScan a truly versatile machine.

The Graphixscan lasers are controlled by advanced laser marking software giving total control of speed and power, which allows the user to etch and cut to precise depths. Popular image formats such as bmp, jpeg and Tiffs can be imported alongside vector formats like ai and dxf. Due to their versatility the machines are used in a wide variety of industries including the automotive, fashion, embroidery and leather industries.

Click here Youtube Video to see the GraphixScan machine in action engraving a height chart in Oakwood supplied by

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