Laser Cut Appliqués for Interior Design Projects

appliqué – to decorate (a garment or larger piece of fabric) with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns.

Appliqués have always been an ideal method of covering an area with colour, texture or pattern without significantly increasing the stitch count in a design. The process of laser cutting appliqué shapes particularly lends itself to large interior design projects. Designs are often created by repeating a pattern over the length of fabric, laser cutting the applique elements ensures a consistent and accurate cut, critical for maintaining the flow of the design over a large area.

Designs are created with ‘Mark Out’ running stitches indicating where the applique shapes need to be positioned.

Using an adhesive backing or a temporary adhesive fabric spray, shapes can be held in place before any satin stitch or decorative borders are stitched.

Over a length of fabric numerous appliqué shapes in different colours or patterns may be applied.

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