How to use Thermofilm

Specialised Backings – How to Use Thermofilm

Have you ever needed to create an embroidery where the reverse needs to look as good as the front? Where both sides of an embroidery are visible and stabiliser residues are not an option? Maybe you are embroidering on to scarves, ties, or belts, or do you embroider onto delicate fabrics, fine babywear or an item that is worn next to the skin and extremely soft embroidery results are required?

If any of the above apply to the embroidery work your business offers, then consider using Thermofilm as a stabiliser. Thermofilm is a heat removable film that can be easily torn away after embroidery and any remaining small residues can be completely removed using an iron. It is ideal for jersey, shirt and blouse fabrics, silk and denim.

To use Thermofilm simply:
1. From the roll, cut the required amount to fit your embroidery hoop. Frame up the base fabric with the rougher side of the Thermofilm facing the back of the fabric.
2. Complete your embroidery as normal.
3. After embroidering, tear away any excess Thermofilm, as the product has been perforated by the stitching, most of the Thermofilm will fall away.

4. To remove any smaller film residues that may be caught between the stitching, simply use a household iron (do not use steam) and use a circular motion, any film residue will melt and can be brushed away. Keeping the iron moving in a circular motion is important to remove the film and ensure that no residue sticks to the surface of the iron.

Top Tips

For fabrics that are visible from front and back e.g. scarves, try using the same colour thread in the bobbin that is being used in the top thread.

Thermofilm should be stored in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Thermofilm rolls can be purchased via our Supplies & Consumables webshop or call Sales:0115 8448000.