Gunold Metallic Thread

Gunold Metallic thread is a high quality multi-layer construction metallic thread, this means that a core thread made of strong nylon fibre is wrapped with metalized polyester foil. Metallic thread is delicate and can require special handling compared with regular embroidery thread types.

Multi-layer metallic thread can be susceptible to damage from un-necessary friction. The most important thing that can be done to reduce friction is to use a large eye needle. For machines that use a round shank needle the system developed specifically for use with metallic threads is the Organ DBx7ST, a medium ball point (SES) needle. This needle type has a larger eye than a standard Organ DBxK5 embroidery needle to reduce the stress on all types of metallic thread, a size 75/11 needle is recommended.

Metallic thread may also require an adjustment to the tensions on the embroidery machine to ensure that it runs smoothly and avoid thread breakage, lightly balanced tensions are recommended. Better results may also be achieved by slightly lowering the stitching speed of the machine.

Due to the metalized foil wrapping on the thread it is a little stiffer than standard embroidery threads, therefore longer stitch lengths on running stitch and fill stitch areas tend to be more compatible with metallic thread.

It is also recommended that to control metallic thread as it comes off the mini-king/cone, it is passed through a needle net (supplied with each mini-king cone). Pass the thread to exit at the top of the net and then thread the machine normally.

Gunold metallic thread comes in 2 weights:
5/2 – which is the equivalent to a size 30’s thread
7/2 – which is thinner the equivalent to a size 40’s thread

To embroider fine detail use size 7/2, to cover large areas use the slightly thicker size 5/2. Both weights of thread are available in several shades of silver and gold, while the 5/2 size of 1000m mini-kings are also available in a variety of rich vibrant colours as well as softer pastel shades and multi coloured ranges. Cones containing 5000m are available in both weights in the silver and gold shades.

If a large amount of metallic thread has been used to embroider a design that is to be worn next to the skin, then Stick Protect can be applied over the back of the embroidery. Stick Protect is a fusible protective gauze that is ironed on the wrong fabric side to completely cover the finished embroidery design – durable even after frequent washing.

Gunold Metallic thread is both washable and dry cleanable. It adds a high visual appeal to embroideries and can be used to create stunning results in both creative fashion work as well as corporate logos.

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