Filaine Thread

This amazing effect has been achieved using the Gunold Filaine thread. Filaine is a 100% acrylic thread with a woollen feel. In this design the effect of the lion’s fur has been achieved by brushing the thread after the embroidery using a brush with wire bristles. Combining the brushed Filaine thread with Sulky rayon thread gives impressive results.

When used for traditional stitching, although it has the feel of a woollen thread it has a higher degree of tear and ‘rub’ resistance than wool threads. It is the ideal thread for achieving specialist effects such as those shown or for rustic embroideries that require a more typical ‘Needlework look’.

Filaine is available in 1000m cones and a comprehensive colour range of 129 shades. As a leading supplier for all embroidery related materials, GS UK offers innovative, high-quality products ranging from Gunold threads and backings, fabrics, needles and scissors via or call Sales:0115 8448000.