Embroidery Supplies

New Filmoplast Roll Size

Embroidery Supplies  |  30. 3. 2021

The ever popular Filmoplast range continues to increase with the addition of a new roll size. The latest 25m x 25cm roll compliments the current selection available and provides options for both large and smaller embroidery businesses.

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New Oil Pen

Embroidery Supplies  |  12. 3. 2021

The Gunold oil pen has been a firm favourite with embroiderers for many years. No matter how large or small your embroidery machine may be, it will always need a drop of oil and regular cleaning to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

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Gunold Metallic Thread

Embroidery Supplies  |  31. 7. 2019

Gunold Metallic thread is a high quality multi-layer construction metallic thread, this means that a core thread made of strong nylon fibre is wrapped with metalized polyester foil. Metallic thread is delicate and can require special handling compared with regular embroidery thread types.

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Product Samples

Embroidery Supplies  |  25. 6. 2019

Ever wondered whether an embroidery consumable is the exact one that you need for your specific application or project? GS UK have the perfect solution to this problem with a large range of sample products available on their webshop at www.gs-ukdirect.com The sample sizes of numerous popular products are the ideal way to try out and test drive a product before placing an order.

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