Merlin GS-1204 - Four head embroidery machine

Four-head, Twelve-needle Embroidery Machine with Caps.

4 Heads - 12 Needles
Max Speed - 1000 SPM
Maximum Sewing Area: 45 cm x 45 cm (17.7" x 17.7")
Touch Screen - 26 cm (10.2")
On board Monogram Maestro Software
1,000,000 Stitch Memory
USB Port Ready
270° Wide Angle Cap System
Networkable and Wi-Fi Capable
Bobbin Winder
Automatic Thread Trimmer & Auto Colour Change
Thread Break Detection

Cap Frame Attachment Included

4 x 270° Wide Cap Frame Driver
8 x Cap Frames
1 x Snap in & Snap Out Cap Frame Device

Frames & Hoops Included

8 x Circular Hoops - 15cm (5.9")
8 x Circular Hoops - 18 cm (7.0")
8 x Rectangular Hoops - 24 x 30 cm (9.4" x 11.8")


Machine Features
Included with every embroidery machine in the Merlin Pro range is a touch screen console. This allows access to the control software on the machine, enabling the user to select a frame size, input colours, control stitching speeds etc. In addition to this control software, every machine also has our Monogram Maestro software loaded. This is a powerful package that re-introduces the concept of 'monogramming' directly on the embroidery machine rather than having to use a separate software package on a PC
Editing Designs
Load in one of your own logos or choose one from the library of 120+ designs and add the text you require. The height, colour and position of the text can be adjusted, it is even possible to change the stitching order of a design. Designs may also be rotated, mirrored and re-scaled.
Frame Selection
The touch screen control panel displaysthe frames available. Once a frame is selected, simply load in your design and if the chosen frame is not large enough for the design you will be prompted to select another. In addition to the frame display an LED trace function is available.
The Monogram Maestro software includes 56 fonts, which can be created in any height/colour etc. A selection of lettering deforms are available. Numerous monogram designs are also included, simply select the monogram style you want to use and type out the initials you need.
Optional Extras
Framing Jig
The GS three in one adjustable framing jig allows framing for both adult and child sized garments. The multi-position design is both compact and versatile enabling you to use it in the smallest of spaces. The built in sleeve jig has a clip for holding Backing and adjustable pins for accurate garment positioning every time.
Additional Frames
Additional frames are available including a football boot jig, karate belt jig and the 8 in1 non-hoop embroidery frame system.This enables you to embroider difficult to hoop items and difficult areas such as the back and side of caps, collars, cuffs of sleeves, bag flaps, etc. 8 in 1 Frames should be used in conjunction with Filmoplast adhesive backing.
Embroidery Software
The ApS-Ethos suite of Embroidery and Cutting software has been in development for over 25 years, when CadCam Technology Ltd embarked upon the first of many innovative products designed for the Textiles Industry. During this time our aim has been to create a range of software that is easy to use, yet extremely powerful.
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